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How much does it cost to hire a photo booth?

When it comes to organising an event or party, especially a wedding, there is so much to think about and of course the most important thing before planning can commence is knowing what your budget is. Having been a part of many events over the years and dealt with all sorts of customers, event planners, marketing managers, teachers and charities, the number one question we are asked is always how much will this cost me and is usually followed by, what is included?

The photo booth industry like many entertainment providers now offers such a wide variety of options. It’s not so straight forward, especially if you aren’t really sure what you are looking for. Gone are the days where there was only 1 type of photo booth, a small selection of props and prints that you had to wait ages for. Now you can hire anything from a traditional enclosed booth, Retro Pods, 360-degree booth, selfie handhelds, hashtag event printers and everything in between! Not to mention the add-ons extras to enhance the overall experience. Where do you even start?

We’ve put together a list of the most commonly asked questions to help you navigate the photo booth world and hopefully assist you in finding an option that will deliver on service and overall experience, as well as fit your pocket.

Why do you offer different packages?

Most photo booth companies will have a selection of standard hire packages which will include specific features and are generally tiered in order of duration, cost or features. We have put together different standard hire packages which can be applied to all of our photo booth options and include a range of set features with no hidden costs. This is done in order for us to be able to suit everyone’s budget as we know that budgets can be vastly different.

Pricing for standard hire packages is listed on the website with along with all the different photo booths that we offer. We are a VAT registered company (South Africa only), so this means that we do add VAT on to all bookings at the standard rate of 15% as of 2019. Prices quoted on the website do not include VAT so this should be taken into consideration when browsing the site to get an idea of cost to hire.

What is included in the hire packages?

Always check to see exactly what is included in your chosen hire package. This will ensure that you receive the service that you are expecting. All our standard hire packages include the photo booth equipment for the duration of hire, single prints and a great selection of fun props, a friendly photo booth operator that sets up and runs the show for the duration of the hire and then packs up discreetly at the end. Also included is full access to download all digital images after the event and the prints are designed in your own personal style.

What is not included in the hire packages?

As with making sure you know exactly what is included in the hire package you should be clear about what is not included. Optional extras and add-ons can increase your overall cost to hire quite substantially so it’s best to check before getting carried away with all the bells and whistles. All the extras mentioned below come at an additional cost. This is worked out on an individual basis and depends on how many add-ons you want and for how many hours this applies to. The only extra charge that we will add on is the cost of transport for delivery and collection of the photo booth and this is only applied to bookings that fall outside of the major cities that we service.

What is the minimum photo booth hire time?

2 hours is our standard minimum hire time. Most photo booth companies will also have a minimum hire time. We then have a 3-hour, 4 hour and 5-hour package. All features included are exactly the same no matter the length of the hire period. Of course, you can decide to add on extra time on the day especially if guests are having too much fun which is often the case! We will get to the extras in the next section. Make sure you find out if there is an option to add on extra time to your hire package if you have booked the minimum.

What extras can I add-on to my booking?

This is the fun bit where you can truly customise any hire package to make your photo booth experience unique to your event or theme. We have an extensive list of add-ons and optional extras which are:

  • Green Screen with digital image overlays

  • Hire the booth for extra time-usually charged per hour extra

  • Unlimited prints-everyone gets a copy! (this is charged per hour of hire)

  • 3G/4G Data connection- especially for those wanting instant social media uploads or venues that might not have a good WiFi connection.

  • Engraved Guest books-the ultimate keepsake!

  • Software Branding

  • Video Messaging

  • External slideshow-have a loop of all the photos being taken on the outside of the booth for all to see!

  • Custom Branding of the entire photo booth

  • Custom Backdrops

  • Animated GIF’s

  • Digital Props and Filters

  • If you work for a Brand or Company and are looking for cool ways to engage with consumers and boost brand awareness, then we can further customise any of our photo booth offerings to deliver the following marketing opportunities;

  • Go viral! Share photos instantly to consumers social media pages Facebook, Twitter & SMS

  • Instant uploads to your company’s Facebook page

  • Create GIFs, Boomerang and Green Screen experiences

  • Collect email database for future marketing

  • Run surveys and brand related questions

  • Run a competition!

  • Use your event #hashtag with hashtag printing.

How do I book a photo booth?

Simply fill in our enquiry form on the website and we will call or email you straight away and get started. Alternatively, if you prefer to call or email directly, we will respond accordingly. We try and make the booking process as simple and efficient as possible. We will want to know the details of your event such as the date, the venue as this will enable us to check availability on our side. The rest of the details we can work out together.

After reading this blog it might seem that there could be a lot more to consider than you originally thought when setting out to plan your event but don’t worry, we have you covered. Our team are expertly trained to assist you every step of the way and love nothing more than the opportunity to tailor make a hire package to suit each of your individual needs.

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