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Artificial Intelligence Photo Booth Hire



Turn up the volume and the attitude with our Punk Rock AI filter.


Our next-level AI filters transform any photo booth into your own personal portal for epic fun.

Become a red-carpet-ready glam icon, a fearless superhero, or step into a fantastical world – the choice is yours! These cutting-edge effects are guaranteed to make you and your guests the stars of the show.

White Typo and Photo Motivational Instagram Post (1920 x 1080 px) (4).png

Custom AI Themes are perfect for:

Corporate Events: Leave a lasting impression with your brand logo, colors, and custom filters.

Themed Parties: Immerse your guests in a magical world with themed backgrounds and effects.
Weddings & Celebrations: Personalise your special day with unique filters and backdrops.


Welcome to the era of AI-powered photo booths, where cutting-edge technology meets interactive fun!
AI technology redefines the photo booth experience, transforming your photos into captivating keepsakes.

Filters & Effects: Transform into a superhero, explore fantastical realms, or become a red-carpet icon with our immersive AI filters!


Branded Experiences: Create custom AI booths with your branding or theme, leaving a lasting impression on event attendees.


Increased Engagement: Interactive AI features keep guests entertained and coming back for more, creating a positive association with the brand.


Social Sharing Powerhouse: Share-worthy photos with branded elements generate organic social media buzz, extending brand reach and engagement.


Double the Fun: Get both printed keepsakes and digital copies of your AI-powered photos.

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