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Frequently Asked Questions Blue and Pink
  • How many prints do we get in your photo booth hire packages?
    In all our standard packages, each time a guest presses print it will either print x2 strips (2x6") or it will print x1 postcard size (4x6"). So if 4 guests use the Booth at the same time it will either x2 strips or x1 postcard depending upon your preference. In our unlimited printing package which is an additional R300 per hour you will receive 1 print for each person in the photo. So if 10 guests use the Booth at the same time x10 photos will be printed.
  • What size are the prints?
    We can tailor the size to your specific requests. The 2 main standard sizes that are used the most in our photo booths are: 4x6” (10x15cm) ‘postcard size 2x6” (5x15cm) ‘strip size’ In our hashtag printers (the Brand Rocket and Mini Rocket) we have developed a unique pocket sized print.
  • How can I pay?
    We accept: All major credit/debit cards Paypal EFT bank transfer
  • How long do your photo booths take to set up?
    All our Booths can be set up in under 30 minutes although we generally like to allow for 1hr.
  • What time do you arrive on-site?
    We arrive approx. 1hr before your start time and pack down straight after unless you require idle time (this is where the Booth is set up and looking pretty but not running).
  • What is idle time?
    Idle time is where the Booth is set up and looking pretty but not running. You may require this before/after the live times OR somewhere in the middle (for instance to stop the photo booth for speeches etc..). Idle time is charged at R350 per hour.
  • What are the travel costs?
    Travel is free within 15 miles of our base in London. Beyond that and up to 1hrs travel time we charge per mile. If your venue is further afield please enquire for prices as there may be additional surcharges such as accommodation.
  • What is your minimum hire time?
    2hrs. If you would like a custom quote though please do let us know.
  • What is your maximum hire time?
    We do not have a maximum hire time, please enquire for discounted rates on long term activations.
  • Do the photo booths come with a member of staff
    With the exception of the Brand Rocket* all our packages come with a friendly member of staff who will assist your guests where needed. * The Brand Rocket is a fully automated kiosk. We have 24/7 remote access to the computer should it require maintenance.
  • Can the photo booths be used outside?
    In some cases, yes… weather dependent! We would however suggest that in terms of the photography quality that the Booth be placed under cover, either a gazebo or tent. In the event of extreme weather conditions we would ask that you have a ‘plan B’ to relocate the Booth somewhere indoors or under cover.
  • Can you incorporate my logo or image?
    Yes, we can custom design you a print specific to your brand and incorporate any message or hashtag you wish to use. Alternatively if you have a designer and would rather design your own we will provide you with a photoshop template.
  • What are the Terms and Conditions of service?
    Please see here.
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