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360 SLO-MO

Photo Booth For Hire

Innovative engineering and ground breaking design, we bring you our 360 photo booth, for hire and in London. It has become the most popular of our Booths, suitable for corporate events, private parties, fashion shoots, sporting events and weddings.

The 360 photo booth allows you to capture the moments of your life in an entirely different way. Take photos and video clips of your guests standing on a platform that can easily be branded and then uploaded onto social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. Read about the benefits of hiring a 360 photo booth for your event here.

360 Photobooth
Product Features:

  • 360 Photo Booth

  • Brandable Platform

  • Social Media Integration

  • 360° video recording

  • Slo Mo mode

  • Brandable

  • Upload to social media sites

Smirnoff 360 Slo Mo Photo Booth.jpg

360 Photobooth
Product Benefits:

  • Capture the memories of your event in a whole new way

  • Share your event online

  • Create unique content for your brand

  • Get creative with your branding options

  • Capture memorable moments

  • Fun party game

  • Great marketing tool

  • Exposure on sites such as Instagram and Facebook

When do we arrive?

The 360 photo booth takes about 60 minutes to set up. Our staff will arrive 1 hour before your start time. If you require an earlier setup this can be arranged. 


The structure is quick to put together with minimal disruption to the party. The technology is then configured inside it, software loaded, printer warmed up and tested.. yes it can also print! :)  Once ready your photo booth operator will inform you and the fun can commence. 

What comes with the photo booth hire package?

Your hire includes a member of staff who will arrive early, set everything up. They will then stay and assist your guests should they need it. At the end of the hire they then pack down and take everything away.

The price also includes, all the hardware and software preloaded, the 360 base plate and swing arm with devices ready with your branded video overlay. 

What do we require?

The 360 photo booth requires a space approx 10x10 feet. This will allow enough room for people to walk around it. It is best situated on a flat, level surface that is free from bumps.


It is suitable for outdoor use and does come as extra with stanchions and external LED lights, however it is very much weather dependent. Please check the forecast on your day of hire. Should it suddenly be too windy or start to rain the photo booth operator will quickly dissemble and move inside.

In terms of power we just require 1 standard 13 Amp, 220-240 volt socket within 15 metres of the setup.

360 Slo Mo Photo Booth

What are the 360 photobooth optional extras?

External floor standing LED lights

Stanchions to rope off the area

Red carpet

Special Effects

Custom branded base platform

All our packages come with a member of staff who will set up and assist your guests where needed.  Please check out our FAQ. Also read more about 360 Photo Booth hire here.​ 

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