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This Photo Booth will make you look sexy... Kardashian Style!

When pictures from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding first appeared on the internet, they caused a sensation. But it wasn’t just Kim’s wedding dress that everyone was talking about, the pictures that caught the public’s attention and sparked the most discussion weren’t even the ones that had been taken for publication in glossy magazines. The photographs that everyone was talking about were the ones that came from the photo booth the couple had hired to capture pictures of their guests on the big day. The question on everyone’s lips was the same, how on earth could a photo booth have produced shots that looked so good?

Flawless pictures from a photo booth?

Looking at the perfectly lit, flawless faces of Kim and Kanye’s guests and family members, it would be easy to assume that the images were the product of professional editing. In fact, the photographs are the result of the now legendary Mirmir photo booth’s automatic filter. The images were so impressive that, since the wedding, the booth has become a regular feature at almost all Kardashian events.

The famous friends of reality TV’s biggest stars flock to get their pictures taken at the booth and then post the chic black and white images on social media, prompting millions of fans to like and share the photographs, and creating a great deal of discussion about how to achieve the same look in your own pictures.

Now, with our new Kardashian Photo Booth, you can get beautiful Kardashian-style pictures taken at your next event, and you don’t even have to travel all the way to Hollywood to do it because we can bring the experience to you in both South Africa and London!

The Kardashian filter effect

The Kardashians are the undisputed queens of the selfie, building a multi-million dollar empire from their social media posts and reality TV shows. Their pictures are perfect examples of flawless skin, soft lighting and expert contouring. In keeping with their trademark look, the photo booth that the Kardashians choose time and time again for their events and parties produces beautiful grey scale pictures, where the subject's skin appears to be perfectly smooth, expertly contoured and gently highlighted.

How to achieve the Kardashian look at your event

Up until recently, unless you were USA based (as currently, that is the only country in which Mirmir operate), your options to achieve the Kardashian look, especially on a large scale at parties or events, were seriously limited. That is until we developed our Kardashian photo booth. Our booths are capable of perfectly replicating the effect seen in pictures from events such as the Kardashian/West wedding, instantly giving your face that sculpted, contoured, glowing from within look that the Kardashians have made so desirable.

The Kardashian style filter option on our photo booths beautifully evens and enhances all skin tones, making it an excellent choice for both solo and group photographs. The filter produces a softening and blurring effect to erase all evidence of blemishes and create smooth poreless skin.

At the same time, it also works with the light to subtly contour your face and highlight your best features. The black and white pictures that the booth produces are truly stunning and would not look out of place on a magazine cover or billboard. In short, it makes everyone look gorgeous.

Photo booths – Hollywood’s latest party trend

After the pictures from the Kardashian’s photo booth generated so much interest from both the media and the general public, the rest of Hollywood was quick to pick up on the trend. Photo booths soon began popping up at all the biggest events including the Oscars and the Emmys, as well as at the Coachella festival and numerous high profile parties.

It seems that, although they are accustomed to having their photograph taken everywhere that they go, even celebrities cannot resist the lure of the photo booth. Celebrity photo booth pictures often show a more relaxed and fun side to our favourite stars that we do not usually get to see, clearly demonstrating just how effective a photo booth can be at getting your guests to relax and enjoy themselves.

As the craze has spread through Tinsel town, photo booths have become a must-have for any star-studded party. Photo booth fans include Taylor Swift, who hired a booth and a range of colourful props for her friend’s baby shower. Gigi Hadid, meanwhile, opted for a Kardashian style black and white photo booth at her birthday party, and Lauren Conrad has commented that she always likes to include a photo booth whenever she throws a party so that her guests can snap silly pictures.

These days, most celebrity Instagram accounts feature pictures taken in photo booths, and with such flattering results, you can see why!

Create memories like a Kardashian

You don’t have to be a millionaire, or even have a name that begins with the letter K to add a touch of Kardashian style to your next event. It’s now more affordable, and more accessible than ever to take your party to the next level and add some celebrity glamour by including a photo booth.

A photo booth can provide your guests with a great talking point, giving them a fun and easy way to break the ice and helping to keep them entertained throughout the night. Including an extra feature such as a beauty filter with the photobooth will help to guarantee happy guests and perfect pictures.

Whether you are organising a wedding, planning a birthday party or hosting a bar/bat mitzvah, one of our photo booths with a Kardashian filter effect will make it a party to remember, and provide your guests with a beautiful “Insta-ready” souvenir of the event that they will cherish for years to come.

Add celebrity style to corporate events

It’s not just private parties and events that can benefit from photo booth hire. Pubs, clubs and restaurants report that their customers love using our photo booths to create memories of their nights out, with many venues “gong viral” after happy customers shared their posts. Our corporate clients tell us that photo booths are a big hit with both staff and customers at a whole range of events such as trade fairs, product launches, conferences, awards ceremonies and team building events.

Photo booths can assist businesses in building lasting relationships with their customers as well as promoting their product or service. As a business, one of the major benefits of adding a feature such as a beauty filter onto your photo booth package is that it will help people to create an image that they love.

When someone is thrilled with the picture they have taken, not only will it create a great lasting memory of your company, but it will also make that person much more likely to share their photograph on social media, and in doing so get the word out there about your brand, product, or venue.

Our photo booths

With a range of photo booths to choose from, whatever the size or type of event we have the right photo booth for you. Business and corporate clients love our Brand Rocket and Selfie Pods with their fast printing, social integration and marketing features, meanwhile the quirky vintage styling of the Retro Pod and Retro Love Pod is a big hit at weddings and parties, providing the latest in modern photo booth features in a retro package. For smaller events, or anywhere where space is at a premium, the Mini Rocket, the worlds first Whatsapp and Instagram photo booth, packs a huge amount of features into a compact design.

Photo booths are always a lot of fun and are sure to be a hit at any event. Adding additional features such as a Kardashian style filter to your package can be the icing on the cake and help to turn a good snapshot into an amazing photograph, making your party or event truly special and memorable for your guests.

As well as the Kardashian style beauty filter, a range of additional features are also available such as animated GIFs, green screen technology, and specially branded booths to help you express your, or your business's, individuality.

Continually innovating…

With over five years of experience, the Propel team have assisted hundreds of private and corporate clients in creating unforgettable events. Our new Kardashian filter is just one example of how we are continually innovating and improving our products and services to remain at the cutting edge of the photo booth hire industry.

Are you thinking about hiring a photo booth for your next event or party? Check out our website for more information about our range of photo booths and the different hire packages and extra features available. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of experts are always on hand to answer any queries that you may have and will be happy to help you select the perfect photo booth and create a bespoke hire package for your event.

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